...quite useless.
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  • “ As I write for one last time, I ponder all the things I’ve done wrong. The words are killing me, splitting atoms and pulling teeth. I’ll gnash and gnaw, hem and haw, but still, nothing will turn out right.
    Cash these cancerous checks, dim the lights and, please, drive away from home. Stolen words used to light a heart gone cold. Futile attempts and caring indifference seal the hopeless melt, knowing the well-entombed child cries only to himself.
    With this sudden departure, group-wide reaction and vowing never to return, the disease of a long-lived life has robbed another soul. Crimes with punishment for the innocent while the guilty grab the gold. Throw the dirt like candy at a holiday parade and pray you never grow old.
    May the sun forever shine upon you.
    May you never become like me. ”

    —    After the Holiday